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The Charlotte Fair is ready for a beautiful last week!

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

March 30 – April 15 2018

Fairgrounds Hours:
Mon-Fri: 4:00PM – Close
Sat/Sun: 1:00PM – Close
Earliest Close is 10PM!

Route 29 Pavilion – At Bruton Smith Blvd & Concord Pkwy

5650 Sandusky Blvd
Concord, North Carolina 28027

On-Site Parking is Available for a $5 Flat Rate, Charged by Route 29 Pavilion.

Handbill Days – Monday & Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

(4/2, 4/4-4/6, 4/9, 4/11-4/13)

On Handbill Days, fairgoers who bring in a Charlotte Fair Handbill will receive $5.00 off of a wristband for unlimited rides! You can find an example of what they look like below – these handbills are placed in 100’s of retailers and stores city and county wide! Grab a dozen and pass the savings around!

2 Dollar Tuesday’s – April 3rd (WCCB Day) & April 10th

$2 Tuesday’s are in their 3rd year and are still the best deal of the fair! Bring in a can or bag of pet food, a leash, a pet toy, or good condition towel, and receive admission for $2! (Regular admission $8 & $5).

This years items will be used to support the Cabarrus County Animal Shelter.

Did You Know?

Since 2015, The Charlotte Spring/Fall Fair has donated over 4000 food items, leashes, toys, and towels to the Humane Society of Charlotte and Cabarrus County Animal Shelter!

How can I help?

Come participate in $2 Tuesday at the Charlotte Fair, donate, volunteer, and adopt from HSOC and the Cabarrus County Animal Shelter.

We ask that you leave the pets at home this time!

The only exception to this rule is licensed support animals and assistance animals.

The Charlotte Fair hosts livestock as well as petting zoo animals.

Pets brought into the fair may create a safety hazard and are not permitted on the premises.

Only Admission is sold at the front gate

Midway ride ticket booths are located inside the fairgrounds!

Due to demand, helicopter rides are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all three weekends of the fair!

Monday – Thursday, Helicopter rides will not be in service.  


General Information

Mon-Thurs: 4:00PM – Close
Fri: 4:00PM – Close
Sat: 1:00PM – Close
Sun: 1:00PM – Close


Charlotte Fair Admission Prices:

Adults 12+ – 8$

Children 5-11 – 5$

Under 4 – Free!


Back in Charlotte for the first time in years…

The World’s Premier Female Escape Artist:


Lady Houdini, the name given to Kristen Johnson by an Inside Edition producer at CBS Studios in

New York has definitely stuck. Especially since she brokerage immortal Harry Houdini’s record for the most Water Torture Cell escapes ever performed, which historians and magic aficionados worldwide estimate to be just over one thousand. She broke Houdini’s record in 2012 as she has successfully performed her 1,001st public escape during the Georgia State Fair at the Atlanta Speedway. She is currently over 1,950 attempts and counting.

Johnson considered to be the Houdini of the 21st century almost seems fearless, even to the fault of flirting with death, as she has a knack for taking an ordinary magic escape and putting her signature brand on it. In the case of the Water Torture Cell, she decided to not hide the escape as Houdini and everyone since, but to perform it in full view which has drawn some criticism from purists. It’s a nail biter, watching her during the escape, as she is able to hold her breath under for up to 5 minutes and 2 seconds while methodically picking the padlocks, handcuffs, and leg shackles that hold her in what could quickly become a watery grave. Kristen’s husband, Kevin Ridgeway, has been at her side for every escape, but is still horrified by the two times he witnessed her struggle before crowds of over 15,000 and 18,000 as she had to be removed from the water cell. Twice she suffered hypoxic seizures and blacked out, the third she could not pick the lock inside the lid. Johnson has only been denied the escape three times out of over 1,950 public attempts. Those three harrowing failed attempts prove the real dangers that exist in her profession.

Image result for lady houdini

charlotte fair african zebu

North Carolina’s own Rockin A Ranch Petting Zoo – The Farm at the Fair! Come experience the Rockin A Ranch at the

Charlotte Fall Fair and pet all of your favorite 4 legged friends, free with admission!


Aguiar Family Thrill Show

Charlotte Fair’s Favorite Circus Family is Back! Wendy, Edwin, Anthony, and the family are back doing their beloved show with a few new twists, and end with the towns favorite act, the GLOBE OF DEATH!

The Magic Family Fun of Bob Bohm

The Magic of Bob Bohm

Magician Bob Bohm presents his fun filled magic shows, jam packed with tons of audience participation, baffling magic, live animals, and side splitting humor thats designed to delight and amaze.

FARMily Feud – Ag Education Show

Agricultural education becomes fun & entertaining! Teams are pitted against each other to test their knowledge of farming, farm animals, and what comes from the farm, combined with silly skill games to declare the number 1 FARMily Feuder!

All of these shows and attractions are provided free to fair-goers with paid admission, courtesy of the Charlotte Fair.

We welcome back our excellent entertainment source that keeps the Charlotte Fall Fair rockin, Amusements of America!

Over 30 Rides ranging for Tots, Teens and the whole family!

Image result for amusements of america
AoA big wheel ferris
2 more ride photos ( smaller)

Admission booths accept Cash Only. ATMs are stationed in and around the grounds for your convenience. Amusements of America accepts cash as well as cards in the ride ticket booths.

Amusement Tickets & Handstamps

Tickets are available in a variety of purchase options – but whether it be a single ticket, a ticket sheet, or an all-day hand-stamp, there is sure to be value packed into every purchase.
1 Ticket – 1.25$
20 Tickets – 20$
56 Tickets – 50$
Rides range from 3 -6 Tickets each
All Day Hand Stamp: $25.00
Amusements of America accepts cash and cards.
All Day Hand Stamps are valid for the entire day of purchase until close. They allow unlimited riding of all mechanical thrill rides.
We only bring in the best in entertainment, and Amusements of America live’s up to its flagship billing. Here’s a little more on AoA, your entertainment source for the #CharlotteFair.

Image result for amusements of america

The Amusements of America midway includes a variety of the most popular carnival foods, tastefully presented to please every palate. We also feature games of skill and chance designed to suit players of all ages and interests.  There are even special games for children that guarantee a prize with every play ensuring that everyone goes home with a smile on their face!
Our family-friendly environment features clean, well maintained, state-of-the-art ride equipment, operated by trained and competent personnel.  Our fabulous flashing light and color displays, and exciting music all combine to furnish the ultimate in thrilling carnival experience.  Our wide selection of amusement rides feature rides for patrons of all ages.  From the thrill seekers to junior riders, we have you covered.
For Ride height info, visit AoA’s Height Helper (Click the Link).


Some of Charlottes best authentic Mexican Food!

Turkey Legs, BBQ, Chicken, Butt Fries! – HOGWILD BBQ!

More local eats and all of your favorite fair foods!

Cotton Candy, Candied Apples, Corn Dogs, Pizza, Funnel Cakes, Elephant Ears, Fried Candy Bars, Twinkies, Moon Pies, and more!

 Photos of Fair food here

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